Harvest 2018

September 18th, 2018

It’s Harvest season coming up! We celebrate at St John’s with special harvest services for the Infants School at 9am on Wednesday 26th September & Ladybirds Nursery at 9.30am on Tuesday 2nd October, Songs of Praise at the Day Centre at 2pm on 26th September, and the main Harvest Festival service at 10am on Sunday 7th October.
This year our theme is ‘Food’ and so we wanted to support a charity working in the area of sustainable agriculture. We picked Send A Cow and you can find out more about their current campaign here: https://www.sendacow.org/harvest/
Our offerings will go to the Food Bank at St Mark’s. We’re not aware that they want anything in particular at the moment, but dry goods (including toiletries), tins, washing up liquid and so on will all be welcome – no fresh or home-made goods, please.

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